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Modern Mondays: Architecture Worthy of a Scream

With Halloween upon us, it's time to showcase five stunning works of architecture with modern black façades. These building envelopes are far from ordinary, some worthy of a scream! 1. A building envelope with monochromatic cladding. 2. Glowing glass home with black cladding. A modern take on a cabin in the woods. 3. Historic goes modern in a Rotterdam reconstruction by Studio 4. Black wooden louvers for a single residential design in Japan. 5. A stacked module house with a perforated façade in the shape of a tree. BOOOOOOOOOOO!

Timber The New Concrete

Timber has long been one of my favorite materials used in design, art, and architecture. Granted, I tend to lean more towards the material in furniture, and leave concrete, steel, and glass to architecture. Lately there have been some beautiful architectural designs showcasing timber.  Bernard Tschumi Architects created a breathtaking visitor center in the French countryside. The cylindrical building features an ornate herringbone facade. D House by Lode Architecture uses the material as a textured  exterior envelope, and for several interior design elements. Swatt Miers Architects designed a stunning modern home in Sausalito, California perfect for taking-in the sun and surrounding landscape. Peninsula house by Watson Architecture + Design is an example of blurring the lines between the exterior and interior. All of these architectural designs showcase timber in all its glory.

Get Outside

The hint of spring weather turning to summer Portland teased me with last weekend has me excited to get outdoors to do some serious lounging. I love Jaime Hayon's Gardenias Garden chairs and how dramatic, yet simple they are. Mal 1956 furniture remind me of what Don + Roger would sit in by the pool. Speaking of pools the splash of color from the Rosenbaum home in San Paolo is perfect against the bright aqua tile. However, if I could hop over to Greece to lounge about at the San Giorgio Boutique Hotel - I certainly would. And, I couldn't resist the romantic charm of the Lovelane Caravans. They are perfect for a fantastic rural retreat. It's time to get outside

Modern Minimalistic Architecture

Modern minimalistic architecture has been catching my eye lately. And surprise, surprise, those designed with concrete, wood, and glass curtainwalls to push the architectural form forward are especially compelling. The wood paneling on the exterior of the Sentosa House by Nicholas Burns brings warmth to its concrete foundation, and helps connect it to the beautiful surrounding landscape. The stunning Dutch Bridge house by 123DV invokes mid-century modern architecture and design. And, the Icelandic Brekkuskogur Cottages designed by Arkibullan Arkitektar are breathtaking in how angular, but organic they look and feel. 

Wood Matters Part Two: Refresh Your Office

I love the versatility of wood for both interiors and exteriors. Depending upon the type of wood, if its finished or left untreated, its intended use, the structure, furniture, or product composed it comes to be, wood is one of my favorite materials. And, its a great medium to bring warmth and texture to office design and architecture. Along those lines, plywood has been of special interest recently. I enjoy how for such an informal type of material it can be transformed and dressed up from storage, full wall sliding doors, to exterior siding

Home Front

Winter weather invokes more time spent at home. Comfy cabins. Warmth. Fires. Hot toddies on the couch while relaxing. Just a few of my favorite things. These photos of beautiful homes inside and out, emphasize the joys of nesting while the weather outside becomes cooler and darker- or in Portland's case continuously gray from drizzling clouds.


Some beautiful examples of recent architecture finds:  tiny studio,  h house,  weekend houseff house I love the unifying aspect of all four of these designs- timber, and how its use has been designed differently for the natural environments surrounding.