Shark and Olive is curated by a Portland-based creative, painter, and art enthusiast. Shark and Olive features finds that represent a never-ending celebration of art, architecture, design objects, and furniture.

Get Outside

The hint of spring weather turning to summer Portland teased me with last weekend has me excited to get outdoors to do some serious lounging. I love Jaime Hayon's Gardenias Garden chairs and how dramatic, yet simple they are. Mal 1956 furniture remind me of what Don + Roger would sit in by the pool. Speaking of pools the splash of color from the Rosenbaum home in San Paolo is perfect against the bright aqua tile. However, if I could hop over to Greece to lounge about at the San Giorgio Boutique Hotel - I certainly would. And, I couldn't resist the romantic charm of the Lovelane Caravans. They are perfect for a fantastic rural retreat. It's time to get outside

Chair Obsessions Part Two

Where to begin. Chairs are probably my favorite types of furniture. I love the various ways in which they are created, and all the possible outcomes. Wood chairs are my absolute favorite. I love plastic, metal, and upholstered chairs, but wood chairs always come out victorious. Throw in some leather or a geometric pattern with the wood based chair, and I'm even happier. Enjoy these beautiful crafted and architectural gems of furniture.