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Modern Mondays: Bold and Geometric Art

Like in design, I am a lover of bold geometric art. I especially enjoy artists from the mid-century modern era, for what they were creating then is still contemporary today. Whether arranged as an hypnotizing geometric abstraction, op art, or thru mixed-medium hue matching and text, these artists works celebrate the power of color. Enjoy!

Things for Your Wall Part Two: Art

Continuing with my spring cleaning - or spring rejuvenation of my house. It has come time to change out the art on the walls. Just like blankets, pillows, rugs, and other decor accessories, art is a great way to change and add to a space. I have been on an Ed Ruscha kick for some time now, and I love his use of materials and the timeless feel of his work. Following along with text based art, Dan Hoopert's wire typography is a gorgeous display of the architecture of a letter. Helt Enkelt's photographs are saturated with color and simply pleasing to look at. While I do not know who painted the deer, it was too fabulous not to share.