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Modern Mondays: Richard Diebenkorn, Ocean Park Series

West-coast artist Richard Diebenkorn was influenced by his surrounding environments and successfully combined abstract expressionism and color field painting. He was the alternative (laid back and more private) to New York artists Jackson Pollock and William de Kooning. His Ocean Park series has long been a favorite of mine for their color palates, expressive brush work, and grid-like planes. All painting images found online via: Glasstire from a past exhibit at the Orange County Museum of Art / OCMA

Things for your Wall: Print Love

Lets talk about prints. Whether large or small scale they are one of my favorite mediums to adorn my walls. I love how versatile prints are. From the purely graphic, to photography, to other art and mixed mediums. They also work well framed or simply hung from clips. Here is a roundup of my current (some longtime) favorites. Mixed-media print series, Dark Island, by Evan Hecox are his graphic and visual explorations of New York City recreated on vintage newspaper. The color palate is brilliant. I can’t get enough of what Print Club Boston is doing right now. The hand-pulled screen prints are simply stunning. How I still haven’t procured For Like Ever is insane, but it will be my next print. Catherine Ledner’s Wild Animals series combine two of my favorite things: patterns & animals. The results are quite the conversation pieces. Xochi Solis’ mixed media creations (arrows of carnations shown) are layered, colorful gems. Print love

Things For Your Wall Part Three: It's Time for a Change

Alright, we have all heard enough on the topic of summer morphing into fall. But, along those lines, it is time to add some art, animal antlers, photographs, etc. to those walls that reflects the warmth of cozy fall weather, and the crazy-awesome imminent color change across our landscapes. Now, I love grouping various styles of framed images and art together, but I tend to gravitate more towards having one bright and colorful piece to make an all white room pop with moments of color. All images shown explore this idea in their own way. Now, go put something new and vibrant up on those walls. It is time for a change.