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Dine-in Only

The holiday season is upon us - which means food, food, drinks, gatherings, and more food and drinks. However, the holidays aren’t the only time to gather and celebrate, or use ones special serving wares. Every time we gather to eat, whether with friends and family, or by oneself can be a small celebration in itself. A special kind of self-care I personally love is preparing a delicious meal for myself and using my fancy bowls, plates, utensils, and glassware. Here is a round-up of dining and kitchen wares to use for special occasions or all year round.

1. Fishs eddy gilded dinnerware sets // Elegant and playful. The piping finishes and variations in shape lend a playful and joyous element to the plates. The color palette works for a multitude of occasions.

2. Marta barware // Timeless. The glass has an ultra slim lip, which adds a lightness to the cups. The price point is extremely affordable, so one doesn’t have to panic if a glass is broken.

3. Cloud dipped flatware // Gold and white. Timeless palette that mixes a metallic with matte. These can be used everyday, or for the holidays through out the year. The unique shape makes them stand out as well. Little jewels for your table setting.

4. Organico platters // Organic shaped serving ware is all over the marketplace right now, and I hope it stays. While some argue it lends a more relaxed note to the table, I think it can be used to dress up the table. The muted colors are quite trendy, but pale pinks and greens are about to be thought of as timeless like blues and creams.

5. Academy five-piece place setting // I couldn’t resist the GOLD. Unlike the XX pictured these ones have more of a monumental and durable feel to them. Who wouldn’t want to use these regularly?!

6. Rim bone china // Elegant and timeless. Love this line coming out of West Elm. They are quite thin and delicate, but hold up in the dishwasher great. Also, the price point is affordable. Perfect pieces to add to the everyday.

7. 3-piece stir mixing bowl set // I am partial for mixing bowls that can also be used as serving bowls. One less item to wash! These would also work great on open shelving to display or store fruit in.

8. Pale pink richmond speckled dinner plates // Pale pink is here to stay. Mix and match these with white, cream, muted greens and blues for a beautiful tables cape.

Dinner At A Gathering Part Two

As of late, my focus has shifted from the living room to the dining room. Perhaps it’s the upcoming holiday of feasting with friends and family, or that I have finally been able to decorate one. Regardless dining rooms offer the opportunity create a space for more than dining. The foundation and focus of the dining room include the table and chairs- all the fabulous chairs one could include. I have a preference for mix and matching chairs, or using the same type of chair in various colors. Another option is to have a bench or reclaimed church pew along one side, with chairs along the other. Breaking up the type of chair and seating allows your dining space to avoid looking like a conference table. For table wares and textiles one can get as fancy or minimal as they like. Table linens are great for incorporating texture and color into your space. And the same goes for table wares. Additionally, these components are the best for changing out depending upon what type of gathering you are having. Go gather.

Dinner at a Gathering

Making food, drinking bubbles, sharing stories, and laughing until it hurts - memories are created at gatherings around the dining table.  While eating and drinking with family and friends is one of my most cherished things to do, dining tables are a great facilitator to enjoying said gatherings. The Surf-Ace table is a current furniture obsession. Meant to mimic the material and construction of surfboards, this wood table is sweet on the eyes with its seamless edges and beautiful curves.  If traditional or retro with a flare of contemporary is your style preference, the Adara or Brownstone Madison are beautiful rectangular topped table choices.  The Mango Wood Bowl table is a multifunctional option with removable legs, converting the table into a lacquered tray or bowl. Rounding out this collection of dinning tables is KST. Its traditional round marble top juxtaposed by modern geometric legs adds a pop of color and fun to any space. 

A Gathering, Dining Rooms

What we love to do: eat and drink and laugh together. Dining rooms are one of my favorite spaces in a home. They can be incredibly formal, informal, or a perfect mixture of both depending on personal preference. Regardless, they are spaces for gathering and enjoying  company, food, and drink. On top of it all they incorporate some of my most favorite things: fabulous family and friends, food, and a table and chairs. I love mix-matched chairs, dramatic walls, or the refined statement of mid-century modern design for a space to gather and share and celebrate.