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Modern Mondays: Corita Kent's POP

I love when I "discover" (more like finally learn about) artists from the POP ART movement. While visiting PAM for the Warhol print exhibition- which was absolutely refreshing to experience. Finally, a Warhol exhibit that shows the arc and development of the artist. For those that are not familiar with Warhol, this collection of prints showed how he developed and matured into the POP ART icon that we know. His Shadow prints were a favorite highlight among the exhibition due to how magnetic, yet subtle they are compared to the more commercial/popular prints.  

Additionally, I was blown away by another exhibition featuring an artist from the same POP movement: Corita Kent. The curation for this smaller exhibit was fantastic even though it was in what I like to call the "basement" of the museum. Thankfully, PAM is getting a new design, which will hopefully correct the maze of disjointed gallery spaces. Personally, Kent's 'Power Up, 1965' and 'Me must be turned upside down to become we, 1972' with text quoted from D.H. Lawerence were my favorites. Not only for what they communicate, but the COLOR. The color works to give additional depth to the weight of what Kent is communicating through text. This exhibition couldn't come at a better time in regards to our current political and social climates. Kent's innovative and beautifully depicted calls for social justice, peace, kindness and hope are just as needed today as they were 30+ years ago.

Comprehensive overview of Corita Kent found here: SISTER MARY CORITA

Spooktacular Architecture

Can hardly believe it is already (almost!) Halloween. Rather than focus on home accessories and decorations- architecture with a pinch of macabre art is the focus of this post. From black façade's, real American ghost towns, to a vernacular of architecture destined to be haunted, these structures will get you in the Halloween spirit. Black façade's are here to stay despite their current trend status. Although mainly depicted on modern & contemporary architecture, Victorian and Mid-Century architecture with black façades are just as alluring.  Regarding Victorian architecture, have you ever wondered why this vernacular of architecture is most commonly associated with the ghastly and gruesome? From real life to Hollywood produced horrors, Victorian architecture seems to be the perfect backdrop and, Art Historian Sarah Burns might have the answer to why. Ghost towns are a real thing across the globe. I have visited a few in the states, and even if they are technically not haunted, there is something unsettling in abandoned towns or neighborhoods (hello Detroit). Finally, the art history lover in me couldn’t resist the Getty’s latest post on Illuminated Manuscripts that highlight how death and meditations on death were a daily presence during the Middle Ages through the Medieval periods. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Things for your Wall: Print Love

Lets talk about prints. Whether large or small scale they are one of my favorite mediums to adorn my walls. I love how versatile prints are. From the purely graphic, to photography, to other art and mixed mediums. They also work well framed or simply hung from clips. Here is a roundup of my current (some longtime) favorites. Mixed-media print series, Dark Island, by Evan Hecox are his graphic and visual explorations of New York City recreated on vintage newspaper. The color palate is brilliant. I can’t get enough of what Print Club Boston is doing right now. The hand-pulled screen prints are simply stunning. How I still haven’t procured For Like Ever is insane, but it will be my next print. Catherine Ledner’s Wild Animals series combine two of my favorite things: patterns & animals. The results are quite the conversation pieces. Xochi Solis’ mixed media creations (arrows of carnations shown) are layered, colorful gems. Print love

Things For Your Wall Part Three: It's Time for a Change

Alright, we have all heard enough on the topic of summer morphing into fall. But, along those lines, it is time to add some art, animal antlers, photographs, etc. to those walls that reflects the warmth of cozy fall weather, and the crazy-awesome imminent color change across our landscapes. Now, I love grouping various styles of framed images and art together, but I tend to gravitate more towards having one bright and colorful piece to make an all white room pop with moments of color. All images shown explore this idea in their own way. Now, go put something new and vibrant up on those walls. It is time for a change.


Furniture Objects Part Two

I have been looking for some new furniture pieces that are a blend of industrial and organic elements. I like incorporating furniture objects that bring contrast to simple pared down interiors. The first piece I have recently found is a pink powder coated steel wire side table from Iacoli & McAllister. It is geometric, light, and colorful - perfection. The Coffee One table by Thought Wood uses black walnut with a pinch of bold color, creating a modern yet organic piece perfect for urban surroundings. Along those organic lines is the stumps collection by Sharon Sides. She etches tree ring patterns into her designs. The result is metal furniture transformed into individual beautiful pieces. Signs by Jeremy Murier are stunning metal and ceramic (art) objects that I need to have in my home. Finishing my recent findings is the charred commode by Moran Woodworked Furniture. It is the perfect representation of a modern take on traditional furniture.


Geometry Remixed

I love geometric patterns on furniture, tile, textiles, art, just about everything. Post-Office created a clever glass wall for Dezeen's office.The glass wall framed in various square shapes adds depth and character to the ultra simple design. Another delicious offering from Milan 2013, Austerity Edible Furniture by Lanzavecchia + Wai. The Apartment always has lush looking textiles, and this black + white moroccan rug is one of them. If you prefer tile, architect Nataniel Fuster enhanced and designed new tiles to augment traditional isleno titles. And to add a pop of beautiful color and geometry to your living room, the fishbone table collection by Patricia Urquioa for Moroso is divine.


Things for Your Wall Part Two: Art

Continuing with my spring cleaning - or spring rejuvenation of my house. It has come time to change out the art on the walls. Just like blankets, pillows, rugs, and other decor accessories, art is a great way to change and add to a space. I have been on an Ed Ruscha kick for some time now, and I love his use of materials and the timeless feel of his work. Following along with text based art, Dan Hoopert's wire typography is a gorgeous display of the architecture of a letter. Helt Enkelt's photographs are saturated with color and simply pleasing to look at. While I do not know who painted the deer, it was too fabulous not to share. 

Things for Your Wall

One of my favorite ways to introduce color, light, warmth, and laughs  into a room is through the walls. I like bold and bright geometric patterns,  dreamy looking wall coverings that remind me of hand-made Italian paper,  framed art and sculpture, and even a little neon to accessorize walls. Now, not all of these elements should go into the same room, otherwise that would over load the senses. However, using one or coupling some of these elements makes for interesting walls and beautiful rooms.