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I love lamp (sconces!)

Admittedly, I am a chronic rearranger of rooms. To be fair, mainly my living room and kitchen/dining areas. Lighting is an issue in the living room, which is the reason I am exploring scones as a way to stop buying accent table lamps or floor lamps. (I could have a lamp + pillow store at this point) Now, as someone that must rearrange, you might be thinking that scones are the absolute wrong choice because they are more permanent than said floor or accent lamps. However, the way my living room is configured there are a few select areas that a sconce, or pair of scones would work, regardless of the furniture configuration. Better yet, I have been looking for plug-in no hard-wire scones. To further narrow down my search, I am looking at sconces that are in the $300-$500 range for a pair, or $250 or less for a single sconces. Keep reading below for a round up of plug-in (no hardwire!) sconces. Due to the limited price point, I focused on larger producers of sconce lighting, with the exception of OneFortyThree. They are a small designer, and have the MOST BEAUTIFUL designs.

  1. OneFortyThree Industrial Wall Lamp // Five colors and two hardware finishes available. And oh so cute.

  2. West Elm + Rejuvenation Cylinder Adjustable Sconces // Comes in two colors, black or white, and they both are simile enough to work in various rooms in your house.

  3. West Elm Curvilinear Mid-Century Sconce Short // One color option, and I feel this would work better in a bedroom, like a guest room over a cute antique brass bed.

  4. CB2 martis Swivel Wall Sconce // Three color options, and I love the long “legs” of this sconce. Little bit of drama, but refined enough to not be the standout piece in the room.

  5. CB2 Swing Arm Wall Sconce // Simple and in a clean white finish. Perfect to blend into the wall or standout against a darker tone.

  6. Urban Outfitters Chelsea Double Sconce // Clearly a take on mid-century era lighting, and comes in two finishes, black or gold.

  7. Urban Outfitters Industrial Sconce // Perfect industrial black sconce for your living room.

  8. Home Depot LNC 1-light Swing Arms Wall Sconce // JUST learned about Home Depot lighting! More of a traditional take on industrial lighting, but I like how dainty she is.

  9. Home Depot Novogratz x Globe Electric Sydney 1-Light // Rea simple, and in one color option. Great for a bedroom.

  10. Home Depot Novogratz x Globe Electric Addison 1-Light Sconce // Chic, with a rounded lid. Comes in one color/finish.

  11. Home Depot AF Lighting Aurelian 1-Light Wall Sconce // GOLD. Could work in multiple rooms of a house, and the finish makes for a lux looking accent.

Metallics: The Bold and the Beautiful

Metallics are one of my favorite mediums to decorate with. From lighting to accessories, art, and even textiles, they add warmth and intrigue. Whether you use them as the focal point of your space, or more subtly with pops spread about, you can’t go wrong. And they can be used year round. My current favorites include: the gami rose gold candleholder from cb2. Its geometric and glows when you light your tealight. Also from cb2, the liberty pendant light is an overscaled modern update of your traditional pendant lighting. With a brass interior, your room is sure to glow in its warmth. While your lounging, wrap yourself in the grey stripes moroccan wedding blanket- sequence included for some metallic sparkle. This blanket from maven collection would also be a beautiful addition to your bed. For a little mid-century geometric glam, the worlds away surf coffee table with gold leaf legs and a black marble top is a must. Love those angular legs! Lastly, I can not say metallics without mentioning Tom Dixon. Besides wanting everything, the scoop high copper legs chair will do. Whether for dining or as a side chair, comfort and modern elegance are combined in this sculptural chair. Now go add some bold and beautiful metallics to your space. 

All of the Lights Part Three: Task & Desk Lighting

Lighting can set the tone of a room or space. Peaceful, intimate, comforting, shocking, or subtle. These are a few moods lighting can interject onto its surroundings. Wood tones, brass accents, and playful silhouettes set the tone for these functional lights.  The Fellow Lamp is an industrial designed lamp with quite the personality. Its wooden legs are in a fixed posture with an adjustable head for directional lighting.  The Demi Lamp designed by Mattias Stenberg is its own little gem of high-tech lighting created from mouth-blown glass. The Pipe Table Light by Tom Dixon is a piece of sculptural light for any table or desk. It has a matt powder coated exterior juxtaposed with a shimmering anodized interior. The Factory Task Lamp from West Elm brings elegant industrial design to any workspace that needs direct bright light. Lastly, the Baltensweiler Type 600 Lamp is an avant-garde industrial mid-century modern design that is still contemporary today. 

Bright Like Neon

With summer transforming into fall, I find myself gravitating towards one last infusion of bright colors through neons and metals. Pentagono Estudio from Mexico created the Nodo - a dynamic piece of furniture that reinterprets a classical form. If the neon shade of yellow is too overwhelming for your space (or taste) is also comes in a more subdued red shade and black.  If neon furniture is too much of a commitment for you, the AVF Acrylic Fearless Trays are a must. They are trays- so you can use them in your home in a variety of ways. Even if you just want to add color to your space. However, the AVF Brilliant Acrylic Console Table in red is the perfect infusion of bright color. Its simple form blends into almost any space. Moving from neon to medal...The LUXX mirrors by Samuel Accoceberry are decorative steel mirrors in tinted gold, bronze, and dark grey. They are arranged parallelograms, hexagons, and diamond, resulting in asymmetrical or symmetrical shapes.  The Copper Shade Floor lamp by Tom Dixon is a must. Copper is not neon, but this metal lamp sure infuses its surrounding space with a beautiful glow. 

Black + White

I am a lover of color as a way to add depth and texture into a space. However, it can also be done using a monochromatic scheme. And one can never go wrong with black + white in design, art, architecture, the list goes on.  The Italian brand Slamp teamed with Zaha Hadid for lighting, and the results are fantastic. More on lights, love the Tom Dixon lamps featured in Martin Lodby's photograph for Fashionable Living by Maja Munthe  Tokujin Yoshioka's Sparkle for Kartell is a great play on crystal. Although not black or white- I couldn't resist including a butterfly chair from brick house. Enjoy!

All of the Lights Part Two

Spring has officially sprung. Yet, Portland skies are still various shades of gray with the occasional pop of blue or ray of sunshine. The affects of lighting for atmosphere and mood are important. And, those gray skies I am looking at aren't enough for lighting up  spaces. Bring on the lamps + pendant lights!  My current lighting obsessions right now include Lindsey Adelman's Burst light with grey, pink, clear and 24k gold foil clear globes. They are angular fascinating gems of lighting, that double as pieces of art - or so i think. Like jewelry that glows with light in a space. Phil Cuttance's Fraceture light shades are polyhedron furniture at its best. The Wo and We Collection industrial double-arm wall-mount swing lamp is simple and I love the mobility of this piece. And, I couldn't resist showing strands of outdoor lamps for how romantic they make a space feel. Last but not least, a simple pendant lamp to complement a colorful eating + gathering area. Enjoy!

All of the Lights

Good lighting is important, and gives a space that extra oomph to make you want to linger and stay. Lighting that is also aesthetically appealing from a design stance is an added bonus. Some of my favorite lighting pieces right now include Jorge de la Cruz Candelabro. It's combination of wood + metal makes for a delightful treat for your dinning table. The Maxhedron by BEC Brittan is one jewel of a light fixture that is a must have. And for the more delicate and refined variation of lighting, these beautiful glass wall sconces from one of my favorite blogs and stores, The Apartment, are modern yet timeless. Enjoy!