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Things for your Wall: Print Love

Lets talk about prints. Whether large or small scale they are one of my favorite mediums to adorn my walls. I love how versatile prints are. From the purely graphic, to photography, to other art and mixed mediums. They also work well framed or simply hung from clips. Here is a roundup of my current (some longtime) favorites. Mixed-media print series, Dark Island, by Evan Hecox are his graphic and visual explorations of New York City recreated on vintage newspaper. The color palate is brilliant. I can’t get enough of what Print Club Boston is doing right now. The hand-pulled screen prints are simply stunning. How I still haven’t procured For Like Ever is insane, but it will be my next print. Catherine Ledner’s Wild Animals series combine two of my favorite things: patterns & animals. The results are quite the conversation pieces. Xochi Solis’ mixed media creations (arrows of carnations shown) are layered, colorful gems. Print love