Shark and Olive is curated by a Portland-based creative, painter, and art enthusiast. Shark and Olive features finds that represent a never-ending celebration of art, architecture, design objects, and furniture.

Furniture Objects Part Two

I have been looking for some new furniture pieces that are a blend of industrial and organic elements. I like incorporating furniture objects that bring contrast to simple pared down interiors. The first piece I have recently found is a pink powder coated steel wire side table from Iacoli & McAllister. It is geometric, light, and colorful - perfection. The Coffee One table by Thought Wood uses black walnut with a pinch of bold color, creating a modern yet organic piece perfect for urban surroundings. Along those organic lines is the stumps collection by Sharon Sides. She etches tree ring patterns into her designs. The result is metal furniture transformed into individual beautiful pieces. Signs by Jeremy Murier are stunning metal and ceramic (art) objects that I need to have in my home. Finishing my recent findings is the charred commode by Moran Woodworked Furniture. It is the perfect representation of a modern take on traditional furniture.