Shark and Olive is curated by a Portland-based creative, painter, and art enthusiast. Shark and Olive features finds that represent a never-ending celebration of art, architecture, design objects, and furniture.

All of the Lights

Good lighting is important, and gives a space that extra oomph to make you want to linger and stay. Lighting that is also aesthetically appealing from a design stance is an added bonus. Some of my favorite lighting pieces right now include Jorge de la Cruz Candelabro. It's combination of wood + metal makes for a delightful treat for your dinning table. The Maxhedron by BEC Brittan is one jewel of a light fixture that is a must have. And for the more delicate and refined variation of lighting, these beautiful glass wall sconces from one of my favorite blogs and stores, The Apartment, are modern yet timeless. Enjoy!